Karma 101 – Uplift your life right away!

We all have our moments of doubts, failures, misunderstandings, ego, jealousy and downright depression. When life challenges us, it forces us to unlock our reserves of inner strength and stride forward with a smile on the face even when the heart frowns. Some of us can surpass all the difficulties independently. For others, it takes a push from friends, an encouragement from loved ones, a warm heart-felt embrace or even advice from old-aged people to cross their darkest periods. But what if your access to them is denied? What if all your circumstances turn your plans awry no matter what you do?

When this case arises, you can assert that it’s because of the ripening of your negative karma. Debts in this universe have to be paid. Every action that you undertake in this life will be met with an equivalent amount of reward or even a punishment, depending on your intentions and the people involved. This is when you need to be strong and look for solutions as opposed to the problems.

First, a little history.

Karma is a sanskrit word and it means action and the consequence of action.

Actions can be pegged as either, “kind” ,”uplifting”, and “hopeful” or it can be regarded as “harmful”,” evil ” and “malicious” . The law of nature will nurture kind gestures when performed and bring them back to you manifold. The reverse is also true. So, it is extremely important to think twice before you say or do something as even a small wrongdoing can instigate a chain reaction that’ll lead to your downfall.

Each and every person brought onto this world carries three types of karma: Sanchita karma, Prarabdha karma and Agami karma.

Sanchita karma refers to the karma piled up due to all your actions in your previous lifetimes. Prarabdha karma is directed at the one you’re currently experiencing. The truth is that if you’re destined to lead a life filled with luxury and happiness, then you most certainly will, even if you commit a lot of mistakes. This certainly justifies the times when bad people do evil stuff and still get away with it. Agami karma refers to the one that you’re creating for the future by your current actions.

So, if you’re experiencing a bad time due to your negative Prarabdha karma, below are some ways to neutralize it and also prevent it from germinating again.

1. Social Service

It is one of the best ways to work on your karmic debt. Take a firm resolution to become a part of any social service group and help out whenever possible. You can visit old-age homes and orphanages and donate basic amenities. Even the hope and comfort you offer them during the visit will benefit you a lot. You can organize events to clean the environment. These include beach cleanups, recycling drives or cleanups of parks.  You can also donate blood once in awhile.

2.  Sharing your resources

Make it a habit to donate ten percent of your income, either monthly or annually to those who are less fortunate. This supports the fact that says, “Give more of what you lack to get the very thing in your life”. It is also important to support the people who had given physical sustenance to you in the past (It can be parents or close relatives).

Sharing also encompasses teaching people who are eager to learn and grow. When you do so, you’ll be carving new opportunities for yourself in the background that’ll propel you towards the realization of your goals. If you have a special skill, conduct workshops and educate others.

3. Avoid gossiping

Try not to indulge in group discussions regarding the ‘Week’s hottest rumours’ about some person. I’m sure that many find it an arduous task as our primal nature unknowingly urges us to that path. But, it’s critical to put ourselves in the subject’s shoes and see how much pain we are capable of causing them. I mean, if people were chatting and laughing about something that you never did or never told, how would you feel? Wouldn’t it hurt real bad?

If you feel that you’ve tarnished someone’s self-esteem and honour through your words, ask them for forgiveness and do everything possible to help them get back their hard-earned reputation.

4. Practice forgiveness

If you really want to work on the karmic imbalances between you and someone else, it’s essential that you forgive them. Otherwise, the unresolved issues between you two might stay dormant and manifest later on in another lifetime.

Pick a phrase that has a meaning along the lines of, “I forgive you for all the harm that you’ve caused me in the past and forgive me as well if I’ve hurt you in any way”. By silently affirming this everyday, you’ll slowly diminish the karmic imbalance and welcome many positive transformations into your life.

5.  Send blessings to the people and the world

By blessing the poor and the suffering, you’ll indirectly give hope and strength which will in turn brighten your life and aid you in many ways. You may use any phrase that you want. For example, you can say, “I bless you with the spirit of happiness. May you cross your problems and emerge successful.”

You can also bless people with whom you’re having a difficult time to heal unresolved karmic issues with them. If you’re a regular meditator, send blessings after your daily round of meditation as it’ll have more power and will make a larger impact.

I really hope that my article has helped you gain some new insights regarding the whole concept of ‘karma’. So, do follow some of the above mentioned and elevate all aspects of your life.

Reference:  Secrets of Karma by Vee Jay Attri.